Monthly Archives: June 2013

two white coffees to go..


Mrs smiles and I love to go out for coffee.

Its not that we love the coffee especially, though we do have love for it, but we love the act of going out for coffee and of course the coffees obligatory edible partner. In fact when we say go out for coffee we mean something to eat really. We do not trust people who only order drinks and nothing to nibble.

We love early morning Starbucks….two white coffees, a cinnamon swirl and fruit toast – halved and shared. Window seat sofas. Particularly nice on rainy days or the run up to Christmas.

We love quaint tea rooms…fresh scones and preferably an outside seat, our favourite has these plus riverside setting…bingo.

We love Costa…two white coffees and two rounds of toast please. If you haven’t had Costa toast then do and then tell us what makes it so good. Is it the bread? Is it in how they toast it? We don’t tend to frequent Costa as much since little smiler arrived. There’s just something not ever so child friendly about Costa.

We ( but this is Mrs Smiles territory) love Garden Centres. She can tell you about the scones being served at any Garden Centre within a 20 mile radius and their score on her ‘sconeometer’ (more on that another day)

All in all we just love coffee out, whatever form it may take.


These coffees out were becoming too much the norm, and at approximately £8 ish a pop ( 2 x coffees, 2 x eaty things) they must be relegated back to now and again treats.

So on my latest trip to visit and stay with Mrs Smiles we decided to put our frugal hats on and pack our thermos flask on our trips out. And the result of this was not disappointing in the slightest.

So frugal Miss and Mrs Smiles love..

Sitting on a blanket on grass, cheersing their thermos cups of coffee in the sun whilst little smiler can wiggle about and eat grass to his hearts content.

Sitting in the front seats of the car, watching the world go by, sheltered from rain, wind. Tunes playing? Our choice.

Purchasing eaty items at a fraction of what they charge in the coffee shops and then discussing it as we munch. Bargain munchies taste doubly as delicious. (Our personal best this week was a thermos of coffee = unknown exact price but must be pennies, and a pack of scrummy cakes reduced to 50 English pence)

Why sit inside looking at a nice view when you can be sat within it?

Why worry about how child friendly somewhere is when there’s nothing friendlier than a patch of grass and a picnic blanket?

Why pay through the nose for something that you can enjoy just as much for a fraction of the cost?

Why not make the visits to places like this less frequent and more special?

We save pennies, We enjoy the simple things, We found the smiles.

We win.