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Click and collecting



For 17 pounds I managed to get :

1 grey jersey tunic
1 black jersey tunic
1 pair of long leggings
1 pair of 3/4 length leggings
1 grey knitted slouch beanie
2 pairs of pyjamas for little smiler

I think that’s mighty good value and the reason I got it for such a good deal was through the post matalan sent out a £10 off £25 spend online. Now what with click and collect free to store I thought this was too good a deal to ignore so I had a look and these tunics were buy a tunic get a pair of leggings free! Plus the jammies for little smiler were in the sale so it should have all cost this:

Black tunic £8
Grey tunic £8
Leggings £6
Leggings £6
Jammies £10
Hat £4

£42 worth of stuff and I got it for £17!

Plus more importantly all stuff I needed. Basic tops were on my list of gaps when I sorted my wardrobe and leggings are always useful and little smiler needed new pyjamas. The pyjamas are 100% cotton, all the items look good quality and they were packaged really nicely. All in all very impressed with Matalan.


Low maintenance mama


Other than that blasted hair of mine I’m ever so low maintenance.

This did not used to be the case. I used to slap the foundation on like the tube was never ending and line my eyes thickly. A lack of confidence and self esteem saw the layers get thicker. To leave the house without slap was unheard of!

But once you are a mummy things change don’t they?

For me it wasn’t a sudden flash of self acceptance and inner confidence its just that you don’t have the time!! Or the inclination anymore!

My skin is not great. I’m fair which doesn’t help so although I will happily go sans make up..its not my finest look and Id rather not bump into people I haven’t seen since school on those days ( why must that always happen?)

At the same time though in my two minutes of time I get to get myself ready in the morning, I will choose brushing my teeth every time.


This right here is my absolute best friend.


I rub this primer over my face and apply a small amount of concealer under my eyes and I feel fantastic.

Everyone should try it.

The reasons I love it so are:

1. It makes me look and feel ten times better and more attractive without looking like I’m wearing any make up.
2. My skin can breathe!!
3. Its bargainous. £3.49 from Superdrug and regularly on 3 for 2 or other such offers.
4. You can slap it on your face without looking in the mirror…or when you are having to keep an eye on a child at the same time.
5. It doesn’t matter if you are playing out in the rain, being giving a slobbery kiss or attacked with a wipe, it may rub off yes but its not a foundation so you aren’t going to transfer onto other surfaces or get an attractive make up river down your face.

I can’t say it’ll work for everyone and maybe people like to look a bit more made up than I do but I do think its worth a go, for me its fantastic.

Bake off!


I love all things Great British Bake Off.

Charity specials, masterclass episodes, re runs, none escape my eyes.

I’m loving the fact that the Sports relief version was on the other week and they are now showing the second series ( my personal favourite) on BBC two.

It means my bake off viewing and love can be kept alive the whole year to get me through to the next series.

Today was episode two of the series and its tarts week. I remembered this episode mainly because I thought Holly Bells pesto quiche looked absolutely delicious. The judges weren’t thrilled with it saying pesto shouldn’t be a main flavour. I love pesto so I know I’d love that quiche.


I loved Hollys amazing eye for detail too, everything she made looked stunning in the whole series.

In honour of the great Mary Berry and the fact hubby is on the worst shift known to man, a midnight start, yuk. I tried out her Tunis cake but gave it a twist.

I’m always doing this to recipes. I wanted to try her Tunis cake recipe but I didn’t have chocolate or lemon in the house so instead I did a coffee one.


Scrummy. And I am now dying to try the origional Tunis cake version even more. This years Tunis cake from Tesco ( one of our family must haves) cost me £8 and has shrunk in size considerably over the years. I kid you not it should serve four nowadays?? So I’m absolutely going to make my own in coming years.

This was lovely Marys recipe I used but I went off piste obviously and caffeinated it up.

Not only for Tunis cakes I think this may be my sponge recipe of choice now for all cakes. So moist and delish but also sturdy for decorating.

This will take pride of place in the recipe book.

I only tasted one mouthful as I’m feeling really awful about how I’m doing this week on weightwatchers again!! As usual I want to have lost weight instantly as I decline a piece of naughty food.

I ventured into the depths of the mummy brigade…


I went to their place of worship. The baby group.

Baby group takes place on a Monday afternoon at the playgroup. I manage to avoid it normally with the fantastic reason that little smiler naps at that time and ‘I ain’t waking my napping child and having a crap day for no mother’. But little smiler awoke early this morning so would then be going for an early nap so I knew I was doomed.

I rocked up half an hour late after a long fight to put his coat on. Which actually is one way to make it more bearable. 

I cannot fault this playgroup. Its people running it are lovely. Its a lovely little building its right next to the lovely little school and I am going to start going as I don’t want little smiler to be traumatised when I have to take him there and leave him. That is a thought that makes me want to cry all on its own.

I literally don’t have a thing to say to people.
I get sweaty and nervous.
I come out with weird stuff.
So I find these things really hard.

Why this started I have no idea, I never used to be like this. But another of my missions this year is to stop this malarky and get a bit more confident and outgoing, to benefit little smiler if no one else.

So I survived it. Even when we had to sing songs at the end…

A return to weigh in.


After my euphoric gold member status was awarded to me and I wrote a post about it I’ve been having a bit of a headache diet wise.

What happened was the following week I made the mistake of pre weigh in, weighing myself on my own scales. 4.5 on according to my scales. Uh oh Christmas has caught up with me I thought. No matter get it in hand and go back next week.

You see, how the gold pass works is you continue to be a gold member and stay non paying as long as you don’t go over 5lbs above your goal weight. I didn’t want to go back the week after getting it and have it whipped back off me or start paying again!

No I told myself be good get down again then go back.

Yeah that old chestnut.

Get down that slippery slope into the pool of guilt and panic.

So for the weeks since I’ve been in a state of trying to diet not really managing and getting slowly more upset as I kept weighing myself at home.

I even weighed myself on the zoo scales, situated near the elephants. How apt.

It hasn’t helped with little smiler being a pain sleepwise and me baking like I’m about to be judged by Paul and Mary.

But this morning I thought enough is enough, just go back get weighed, if you need to rejoin then so be it.

And lo and behold I’m a mere half pound heavier. Taking me to 10 st 10 which is in fact dead on the nose of my goal weight.

I was pleased beyond belief though its not really a well done me its a kick up the not as fat as I thought behind to continue the diet and to keep going to weigh in. It really is the only way for me.

I baked coconut and cherry flapjacks this afternoon..see what I mean. Sometimes I think I’m a lost cause.



My hair. Bit of a fringe. Long.

This is my hair immediately post wash/ blow dry etc.

I can guarantee probably ten minutes after this photo was taken I clipped it up.

My hair does my head in for these reasons
1. Its high maintenance. Washing, drying etc takes time.
2. Its knotty. It gets knotty beyond belief.
3. It provides a great weapon for my child to pull on to hurt me.
4. It gets in the way.
5. I always just clip it up or whatnot ( and yes it still gets knotty)

And yet I will not cut it. Why?
I think its got alot to do with using it as a curtain somewhat to hide behind. I feel less exposed with this mass of hair around my face.
Also it takes such time to grow your hair doesn’t it? I hate regretting things and I know I would if I cut it.
I think because ive been struggling with my weight for a while I felt more balanced having a lot of hair on my head. Does that make any sense at all?
And people always say atleast I can tie it back, if its short you have no option but to style it.

But lately its really been bugging me.
I know myself and I know I will not get my hair cut but if I was to then these cuts ( extreme I know) would definately be my considerations.



Midnight snacking on scones


Well little smiler, or for the sake of this post little whinger kept me up most of last night and then topped that off with no nap at all today.

How selfish!

So no sleep or Desperate Housewives fix for me today!

So what’s a girl to do other than make scones at 3 am!

A decent scone had always been my Everest. I took in all the tips going, less handling, a wet mixture, don’t twist the cutter etc but to no avail.

The one tip I hadn’t tried was a recipe including yoghurt! Well…search no more peeps. This recipe can rival all the best garden centre scones going!

Yoghurt scones.

Put oven on 220 or 200 fan and put your tray in there.

350g self raising flour
85g butter
1/8 tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder


Add 85g butter and rub together.

4 tbsp caster sugar added and mixed.

Add your fruit if your going to ( I added dried cranberries about a cups worth)

Heat 4tbsp milk and 150g yoghurt for 1 minute in the microwave. May look lumpy. Its fine.

Add to dry mix and combine.

Fold on a floured surface a couple of times and cut out your scones. I made eight decent sized scones out of this but I do like a larger scone plus I couldn’t locate my cutter so my shapes are a bit odd.

Sprinkle flour onto your hot tray and place scones on.

Now the recipe I found for this said about using an egg to glaze, but call me tight I dont like to use a whole egg just for glaze so I just used a little milk.

8-12 minutes later voila. Delicious scones.

Lovely with coffee or in the middle of the night to comfort you with a whingey baby. Diets automatically get put on hold when you have a sleep thief on your hands.