March 12th A day of errands


Today was super busy errand wise.

To a car boot 50p entry and spent £1.70 on a book, a DVD and some oven gloves and apron for little smiler
To sainsburys to do this week’s food shop. £63 which horrified me but I bought fish and big amounts of olive oil and nappies and got a voucher for 7.50 off a £50 shop. I do notice which things are more expensive in sainsburys mind and so will think about how I will use that.
A few stops at the bank/ post box/ and aldi for husband to pick up a fruit tree.
Home to have a quick bite of lunch.
Out to take husbands car for a service.
To the zoo. It was deserted and beautiful weather.
To pick husbands car up again.
Home in the mad traffic.

We had baked salmon with chivey roast potatoes and broccoli.

In the evening we had macaroni cheese pasta.

It wasn’t a frugal day food wise I’d say but it was healthy and nutritious and little smiler ate really well so I don’t mind in the slightest.



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