March 13th The seaside


Each morning I get up and see its a sunny day I’m grateful and then determined to use it wisely in case its the last one. Today looked good so to the seaside we went.

Me and little one packed our picnic, change of clothes, nappies, toys, mat, towel bla bla ( seriously how much stuff do children need!!) And headed to the beach.

We got there by 9.30 as its quite nearby anyway and we found a good spot. We were the only ones on the entire beach bar some dog walkers and joggers and it was lovely.
We threw stones in the sea, collected water, had a splash, made castles, washed our hands and then covered them in sand then washed our hands then covered them with sand then washed…you get the drift. This was hilarious apparently. We drew pictures in the sand, we buried our feet, we collected our stones and then had a well earned coffee juice and raisen break.

This lovely morning cost me the price of my petrol to get there. Free parking. Its the most beautiful seaside town. Really quaint and non tacky!

We came home and had a good sea air induced nap on the sofa together and then a good play in the garden this afternoon.

Food was leftover cheesy pasta for little one for lunch and fish fingers and beans this evening. Its been all about the play again today and it really has been lovely. Not one tantrum had and smiles all round.

Now to get thinking of what to do if its sunny again tomorrow.



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