March 16th 17th 18th phew the hubbys away


…so me and little smiler have been pleasing ourselves. Sharing a bowl of porridge each morning. Having a good meal each day and then snacking the rest. 

Husband doesn’t put demands on foodwise but there is always the pressure of making stuff which can then be portioned off for work etc etc. So its been nice to have a break from cooking and stuff and just do as we please. 

We have had a trip to the zoo, surprise surprise, baby group..will I ever fit in there? Not that it should be anything about me!, and a sainsburys trip today where smiler was an angel..strapped himself into the trolley no less..what a star.

Normal blogging shall resume tomorrow. I did however made spinach and feta calzones today. Delicious but alas smiler doesnt agree.

I’m being semi angelic diet wise this week and I’m also trying a tip I read about wearing your workout gear to keep you in the zone. Seems odd but I do think its kind of working.


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