March 10th Feta and squash pizza tart


I very nearly made it to baby club today and I genuinely mean that!

Its been weeks since we have been and I actually really want to go again as little smiler really enjoys it but at the same time I’m not going to make him miss his nap and be in a foul mood there and when home for it! So he wouldn’t nap until one today which meant no baby group. Oh well.

We had a nice time at home though. No money spent today and we had a fab time cleaning my car and pottering about in the garden and the like.

I also made a scrummy pizza type tart.

A half portion of my calzone pizza dough.
1 1/4 cup flour
1 cup warm water
1 tsp yeast
Splosh of oil
Sprinkle of salt
1/2 tsp sugar
I added a small sprinkle of chilli flakes today
I’m going to say this is 20p and that’s overestimating.

Mixed, kneaded for 5 minutes then proved for about 1 hour.

Once rolled out I topped with
Half a carton of sainsburys tomatoes with garlic and onion 25p
A butternut squash microwaved til soft and cubed 33p
Half a pack of feta style cheese 35p
1 sliced tomato 15p
A sprinkle of dried parsley
I baked it at 190 for 20 minutes.

Total: £1.28
Would serve four adults with sides but I hadn’t the patience to cook anymore today so served us three on its own.
Cost per portion: 32p or for us today 64p





March 9th car boot sale, quiche cups and coffee cake


Today was husbands birthday = coffee cake

It was also car boot season kick off = bargains

And finally it was gloriously sunny = quiche cups

First off, the coffee cake. I am sure I could buy a cake which would cost less than the ingredients I use to bake sometimes but I enjoy it and seeing as we apparently don’t do birthdays ( see previous post re no card or anything! ) then a homemade cake is a compromise I feel. To be fair neither of us need gifts anyway. Husbands favourite cake is coffee flavoured and I decorated it as an amazon package in reference to the fact he is amazon obsessed. We seem to have amazon parcels delivered daily rather than enter shops for anything!


Next up. Car boot. After cake and coffee breakfast we headed to the first of this season’s car boots. A perfect car boot weather day and we did well though I don’t feel we splurged on tat.

We got:
13 mega blok figures £3.50
6 books 60p
2 solid animal toys ( specific ones husband was looking for for smilers set) £2
Winnie the pooh cuddly 50p

A navy hoody top I know I will wear and wear £1
Topshop ankle pumps £2.50
Lightweight jumpsuit £2


gigantic apples 4 for £1
3 butternut squash for £1

Finally the glorious weather and a lack of fridge supplies needed a bit of inventive lunch making. Hence these quiche cups.


The cases are milk roll slices bought when reduced. I lightly greased a muffin pan with olive oil, squished one slice into each and baked them for five or ten minutes til crisp.

I then filled each with some cherry tomatoes, frozen peppers and feta and topped up with whisked egg and a dash of milk.

Hey presto quiche cups.

I served them with salad and chips and for a quick warm day meal they weren’t too shabby!

March 8th Vegan chocolate brownie cake and Jimmys farm


1 1/4 cups plain flour
1/4 cup ground almonds
3/4 cup sugar
1/3 cup cocoa
1/2 tsp salt

Mix all these together

In a seperate bowl mix
1 cup water
5tbsp sunflower oil
1tsp bicarbonate of soda
1tbsp vinegar ( I used red wine vinegar)

Combine the two mixes

I baked mine in an 8×8 square pan and did not line. If I do this again I will line purely as the cake/ brownie is delicate.

Bake at 180 until a skewer inserted comes out clean . This took 25 minutes in my oven.

I will use this recipe again for sure. I will add ingredients and/ or toppings. It was so so good. So moist and so chocolatey and so good that I don’t even have a photo of it as it is gone already!!

I’m aware I’ve done a lot of sweet treats this week, its no good thing believe me and its husbands birthday tomorrow so there’s a cake waiting to be sliced.

I have had a couple of lazy days meal wise. Thank the lord for fish fingers I say!

I have enjoyed time with little smiler though so that’s the important thing.

We both went to jimmys farm this morning.

We fed emus, lambs and goats. Ate a sandwich by the lake and fed the fish, threw stones into the stream and played in the massive sand pit. We saw baby chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs and donkeys. We got fresh air, fed alpacas and geese and went into a chicken run. We played on a wooden boat and watched the people whizzing on the zip line.

If you are ever near jimmys farm you must visit. Its so lovely for young and old.

Adults £3.50
Animal feed 50p
Under 3s free

March 7th Cheese and pesto scones, tuna bolognaise




Quarter of a jar of pesto homeless in the fridge and what to do with it?

Doesn’t the picture say it all?

Man they were good.

Oven to 190 and tray put in.

250g plain flour, 3 tsp baking powder and 50g butter combined to make breadcrumbs.

Small chunks of cheese

The leftover pesto

Enough milk to bring the mixture together and to make a slightly wet dough.

Patted on a floured surface to a rough circle

Cut into six

Trays out, sprinkled with flour and scones on.

Ten minutes in the oven.

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. We had them as a type of brunch.


So simple. So quick. So healthy and so so delicious.

1 can of Tuna 85p
Onion 15p
Pinch of pepper
Smidge of garlic powder
Chopped tomatoes with olives ( sainsburys) 50p
Wholewheat spaghetti 20p
Broccoli 25p
Sprinkle of cheese

Soften the onions in a pan ( I did this in a little water…how angelic am I today?)

Add the pepper and garlic.

Once the onions are soft add the tuna and the chopped tomatoes.

Heat through and serve with the spaghetti and broccoli.

The sprinkle of cheese is optional but very yummy.

Total: £1.95p
Made 3 hearty portions
Cost per portion: 65p

I love this and its so blooming good for you. I also love Sainsburys chopped tomatoes with olives, theres a whole lot of olives in that carton and I was surprised and pleased. Will definitely get them again.


March 6th Blackberry pancakes and the local farm shop


I missed pancake day, due to running out of milk but I decided to have a pancake breakfast today instead!


I don’t like skinny flippy type pancakes I like thick fluffy American type ones and this is my recipe.

1 egg: 20p
75g caster sugar: 10p
150g plain flour: 5p
1.5 tsp baking powder
125 ml milk: 10p
1/2 tsp sunflower oil

I’m going to round this cost to around 50p and I made nine pancakes from the mixture.

I like to flavour them so today I added a handful of blackberries (free) which I had in the freezer frozen from last years pickings. I added them after giving the other ingredients a good mix. Don’t expect a drippy regular pancake batter this is obviously a lot thicker.


I fried them in a pan in a little sunflower oil. They take just a few minutes either side so you do need to keep an eye on them.



I served them with a blob of greek yoghurt and drizzled honey over. Freshly ground coffee and orange juice made this breakfast perfect if not a little indulgent for a Thursday. Quite healthy and still bargainous mind.


Days out have been freebies of late courtesy of the gorgeous weather. Playing in the garden and walks to the local park have been good enough for little one. They enjoy those simple days much more than bundling them here there and everywhere I find mostly.

Today however I decided a little trip to a local farm shop who has some animals to see was a good choice, mama needed to get out somewhere for a bit of a change of scenery! We had passed this on a bus ride out the other day and thought it was worth a peek.



It was quaint, and nice enough. I’m also sure the coffee shop served delicious coffees and cakes and on a nice warm sunny July day it’ll be lovely.
The owner came running out warning us to stay away from the ostrich type birds due to how aggressive they are…and with a little one who was desperate to feed some animals. We ended up at you guessed it..the zoo again!

Train ride and feeding the giraffes and he was happy as anything.


Absolutely amazing and how fantastic to be able to get so close to them.


March 5th My tiramisu and chalk drawings


First up I’ve never had tiramisu before, I don’t know what its actually supposed to taste like! BUT I have seen pictures and read recipes so I do know the general make up of one.

For some reason we ended up with twelve lady fingers hanging around our biscuit tin and I decided to give tiramisu a whirl.

I read a few recipes and mascarpone was featured on lots. So I went to Asda. £1.63 for a pot. Not happening. So I had a look and cream cheese was two for £1.50. So I went with it.

Back at home I decided to add two big tablespoons of greek yoghurt and two tablespoons of caster sugar and stirred well.

I dipped my biscuits into cold strong coffee and put six in my little Pyrex dish. I put half my cream cheese mix on top and dusted with cocoa powder.

I repeated this.


It was sublime.
And so very very rich.

Biscuits: 50p
Cream cheese: 75p
Yoghurt: 20p
I’m going to guess 15p for the coffee, cocoa and sugar as the amounts were so small I’d have no idea how to cost them..nor do I have the patience to.
Total: £1.60
Serves: 6 if not more due to severe richness!
Cost per portion: 26p

Today is sunny and gorgeous. After a not very fun morning at Tesco where we only needed to get passport photos done in the machine but we were gone ages, a little portion of this and a cup of fresh coffee in the garden hit the spot.

In fact we spent most of the day in the garden chalk drawing on the walls and patio.


March 4th cheese, onion and potato calzone and the zoo..again


Fish pie was on the agenda today but after husbands fifth time asking what we were having I asked what it was he wanted. Baked fish and vegetables. Fine less work for me!

So that was haddock, broccoli and potatoes.
We scoffed it before I took a picture but it was yummy.
Smoked haddock ( frozen bought when on 2 packs for £6 and each pack had four fish portions.) We ate one piece each which I simply baked. £1.50
Four potatoes cubed and roasted in a splash of olive oil and a sprinkle of chives. 50p? Guessing
Half a large broccoli boiled. 50p
Total: £2.50 served us two plus smiler
Cost per portion: £1.25

I whipped up a half batch of calzone too after the success the other day and filled them with cheese, potato and spring onion that needed using. I then cooked these at the same time meaning no more cooking today for me! Hurrah.

We took them with us to the zoo this afternoon and ate them as a picnic by the lake. Lovely.

It was one of husbands rare days off and so we could tag team at the zoo and get around a lot more easily with smiler. We took his trike and wheeled him round which he loves.

We saw the lions being fed, fed the ducks again and also fed the goats as we missed the timing for the giraffes again..mama’s fault.

Today was therefore another cheapy day out.

I made a dessert tonight which is chilling in the fridge for tomorrow which I shall price up and show tomorrow once tasted!